About the music

The primary role of music is often to support or establish a mood, and my music will help create the atmosphere you want.

As music is part of an overall impression, I always see to, that the music is telling the story, or attains to the effects and moods, that you want.


As both a classical and a rhythmic musician, I work in several different musical genres, such as electronic, rock / pop, symphonic / classical and world music.

I compose directly to the individual scenes, in order to capture the right mood, and receive movies in .avi, .mgp, .wmv og .mov., or by a link to youtube/vimeo. You are also welcome to send me a manuscript, and I will, on the basis of this, compose the main theme.


The music comes mastered in .wav(1411kbps).

Motion picture:

Short film:


Listen to more music here